Providing hope to Cholangiocarcinoma patients by raising critically needed research money for this aggressive and deadly disease with no cure, and supporting them as they navigate their journey through mentoring, love and prayer.


My Story


Since my diagnosis in 2010, our family has been on a journey that has had many peaks and valleys. I have had over 20 hours of surgery, four different chemotherapy regiments and three rounds of steriotactic radiation. My cancer has returned 5 times in 8 different tumors. My treatment team, Dr. John Fung, Dr. Bassam Estfan and Dr. Kevin Stephans have worked diligently and compassionately to provide the best possible care.


I often tell people I should not be here since the survival rates are so poor but God has blessed me with time. Our faith continues to grow as we experience the beautiful love from above. Cancer is not a blessing but there are many blessings that come with cancer. The outpouring of love through friends, relatives and strangers. The appreciation of each and every day. The contentment of just being and so many more blessings.


My original goals were to mentor cancer patients and give them hope. I currently mentor other cancer survivors through two organizations. I love being able to make new friends and help them. I also wanted to raise research money for this aggressive and deadly cancer. The money raised will probably not help me but it will help others in years to come. How great would it be to never hear Cholangiocarcinoma again ? I pray that no Mother has to deliver the devastating news to her children that I did.


Cancer is not about me but it is about the affects it has on the people that love you.

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