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Bath Woman Strives to See the Blessings in Cancer Journey
by Jennifer Towell

Bath resident Lisa Craine was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma cancer in 2010. The rare and deadly  bile  duct  cancer  is  diagnosed fewer than 3,000 times per year.  

Craine and her family have experienced many peaks and valleys, as her cancer has returned five times in eight tumors. She endured over 32 hours of surgery, four chemo
regiments and three rounds of radiation.

Craine’s current status is NED, which means no evidence of disease. She credits her treatment team, Drs. John Fung, Bassam Estfan and Kevin Stephens, with working diligently and compassionately to provide her with the best care.

Craine finds support and love from her husband David, who also grew up in Bath. They met on a blind date when they were 16. Dave was attending Walsh Jesuit High School, and Craine was a student at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. They have two sons: Jacob, 27, creator of a start-up called Vigeo Gardens; and Noah, 21, a business major at the University of Cincinnati.

Craine’s goals upon diagnosis were to mentor others, strengthen her faith and the faith of others and raise research money. She and David established the nonprofit Craine’s Cholangiocarcinoma Crew in 2012 through the Akron Community Foundation. Since then, the foundation has raised over $205,000 to support research. The Craines cover all website administration and mailing fees so all donated funds are directed toward finding a cure. Last year, the foundation raised over $50,000.


Craine often tells people cancer is not a blessing, but many blessings come with cancer, including the appreciation of each day and the outpouring of love from friends, family and strangers.

Craine  mentors  other  survivors  and  credits her experience with the illness with making  her  a  better,  more  relatable  and  compassionate mentor.

Craine’s  Crew  holds  an  annual  fund-raiser  that  recruits  runners  for  the  Akron Marathon and raises money. Last year, the foundation helped establish a Cleveland Clinic lab to research cholangiocarcinoma. 

From  L-R, David, Lisa and Jacob Craine reach the finish line at the Akron Marathon.


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